How to use Ginseng Tails?

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Here introduce how to use Ginseng tails:

  1. How many years have passed since this ginseng was planted?

Rita)it is about 4 years Ginseng

  1. In terms of quality grading, what quality grade is the ginseng?

Rita)if divide into A,B,C grade,  it is B grade.

  1. Should it be placed in the open air or in the refrigerator? (The weather in Dubai is humid)

Rita)yes, I understand it, and temperature is always very high.

this red ginseng tails with little sugar, even it is without sugar, we also need put it into refrigerator or Ref warehouse.

and in dry, cool place.


About usage,

1)drink with hot water directly.

you can boil it in hot water, then drink the water

2)cook soup

Chinese people like to use it cook with food, or other herbs mix together, and then drink and eat food

3)soak wine.

Some people like put it into white wine, then drink the wine.


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